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One of the construction services is extremely developed today. Especially in big cities, it is building houses in package. However, there are still many people who do not really understand what this service is, how it is beneficial, and the process. Therefore, in this article, GEC will introduce in detail about building package services. Same issues related to home construction services




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What is package housing?

Although the phrase “full house” is heard almost by everyone, not everyone knows it correctly. In essence, this is a construction service provided by companies, construction contractors. This service is a turnkey home construction. When you have a need to build a house, the selected contractor will carry out the construction. Your home follows a closed cycle, from design advice, consulting for building permits, to the process of building and handing over. Even if you want them to perform successfully, it is okay.


Home construction services

Raw Building 2,000,000 – 3,400,000

Complete 2,000,000 – 2,200,000

Package 3,000,000 – 5,000,000


Home construction services


Process of building a package

The process of building a package house is carried out by contractors according to the following 6 basic steps.

Step 1: Receive information from customers.

Step 2: Consulting and quotation for customers. Unit price will be generalized based on construction m2 and total construction cost.

Step 3: If the customer and contractor agree to go to sign a contract. The contractor will perform the architectural design and make the estimate.

Step 4: The contractor proceeds to submit the architectural design file with the structure and cost estimate to the customer for review.

Step 5: The contractor embarks on the performance of the contract, ensuring the execution of the project on schedule, quality assurance.

Step 6: Customers accept the project and liquidate the contract. The contractor offers warranty policies for customers.


How to build a beautiful house, quality, fast and cheap


Making design records

You have a lot of ideas in mind, there are many options but don’t know where to start, how to do it. With the experience of building a cheap house, we recommend that you set up design documents for the house. Of course you can design your own to save money. However, because there is no specific plan, it is very likely that problems will arise.

Not to mention the layout of space, unreasonable use will make you spend time, effort and money on repair later. Therefore, it is best to rely on the design unit. Let them help you get up to a detailed, most appropriate drawing. Thanks to this drawing will tell you the costs needed for the process of construction, home improvement.


Choose the right time to build a house

The right time to build a house does not just determine the progress of the project. Which can also help minimize costs during the construction process. This is a low-cost home building experience that we would like to share with you. Choose to build your house when it is less rainy and sunny.

If the rain time is long, your project will be delayed and incur unnecessary expenses. Such as eating, living, traveling, and then building materials are lost and damaged causing cost. Building cheap 2-storey houses or building cheap 3-storey houses must also have the same reasonable construction time.


Buy cheap materials

To choose cheap materials, you should take advantage of discount programs and promotions of shops and companies. Often at the end of the year companies and shops often have promotions, promotions to clear all inventory in the year. Now is a good opportunity for you but at the same time will be a challenge.

Choose the necessary materials

Of all the discount items there are many items with designs, different categories we are very likely to fall into the situation of overbought. Buy things you don’t really need because they’re cheap. Now we have to be really smart shoppers. Only buy items that are really necessary for the house.


Take advantage of promotions, promotions

If you do not have experience, please consult the design or those who have experience in this field.

Before buying you should also consult the prices in many places to make the best options. Avoid the choice of cheap raw materials but not good quality, or due to ignorance and choose expensive raw materials.


Reduce the extra work

There are a lot of side effects that are not really needed. You can also reduce or simplify your expenses. Such as stairs should simplify handrails without too fussy style or the number of toilets can also be reduced. Bedroom instead of having to build two rooms you can make a large room for two children.


Make use of old materials

Besides taking advantage of the discount program, you should also take advantage of reusable materials such as bricks, windows, … Items that have been damaged so much can be repainted to reuse. Cost savings.


House architecture

The architecture of the house will also determine its cost. For complex constructions, the cost will be more expensive than the ones. Simple architecture such as corrugated iron will be cheaper than flat roof … Or different structures will determine different costs like foundations. Concrete and foundation piles will be more expensive than brick foundations and vice versa.


Selecting construction materials

You can also depend on each part of the house to choose the appropriate materials. As you should choose good quality cement for important parts such as pouring reinforced concrete frames. And choose moderate quality cement for parts like plastering, construction …

Besides, you should also use new technology materials such as block bricks, recycled tiles, ecological roofing, plaster ceiling … these materials are both affordable and friendly. The school also shortens construction time.


Choose a minimalist interior, should not be picky

Choose minimalist furniture, should not be picky with the experience of building cheap houses. The area of ​​the house is usually not large so if you choose too much interior. Too fussy interior will create a cramped feeling for the house.

In addition, another affordable housing experience that GEC wants to share. In the process of finishing the house, it is not advisable to choose too expensive products such as bricks, paints, water and electricity equipment … you can choose products with a reasonable price. multi cost.


Building a European technology house (See here)

Currently building European technology houses helps homeowners save 10-15% of the construction costs of the foundation, in addition to some of the following advantages:

1. Reduce construction time by up to 50-70%.

2. Construction cost as a traditional house with outstanding quality.

3. Increase the usable area due to the thickness of only 100 GHC concrete wall!

4. Reinforced reinforced concrete structure is an armored reinforced concrete with outstanding bearing capacity. Deserve the class of the investor.

5. Reduce materials causing environmental pollution.

6. Minimize disturbance to the surrounding environment.


GEC Prestigious house builder

GEC is proud to be the most prestigious package house construction company with long experience.

With a team of workers trained in the most basic way through the actual construction works.

With a team of architects and technical staff. They are highly trained from leading universities in construction.

The price of GEC’s full house construction service guarantees the best fit in the market.

There is always cooperation with the construction material supply facilities in the area. Guaranteed to get construction materials with the most preferential prices.


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