House construction price

GEC is a prestigious unit in the field of turnkey housing construction, full package construction of civil housing. Over 15 years of construction activities in Hanoi. We are proud to have contributed to the construction of hundreds of constructions and homes for people and society. Sincerely yours, House construction price – Turnkey and Crude Building Year 2020 And things to note when building a package.




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House construction price


1.Building package:

Construction unit price: VND 3,000,000 – VND 5,000,000 / m2 of completed construction.

Details of construction materials price are included in the construction unit price:

Brick for building houses: Dong Anh solid brick of category A.

Cement PC30: Bim Son, But Son, Chinfon, or equivalent.

Cast iron and steel: Thai Nguyen Steel, Hoa Phat Steel, Vietnam Australia Steel, Vietnam Italy Steel, or equivalent.

Indoor doors, room doors: made of South African Lim wood or industrial wood.

The staircase facing granite tiles, stair handrails made of South African Lim wood.

Vietnamese-made aluminum and glass windows.

Electrical supplies: Tran Phu electric wire, SUNCO, CADI SUN.


House construction price


2.Construction of raw house packages:

Construction unit price: 2,000,000 VND – 3,400,000 VND / m² of construction.

Details of materials included in the construction unit price:

– Type of house: CONCRETE STEEL BUILDING STEEL STEEL – European technology (See details here)

– Building height: from 1 floor to 9 floors or higher.

– Height of a floor: 2000 – 4000 mm or other.

– One floor area: 15 – 500 m² or more.


– Construction steel: VIET AUSTRALIA, TISCO, HOANG PHAT.

– The materials requested by the owner.

Note: This is a reference price, for more details please contact us directly. HOTLINE: 0979.781.007


House construction price


Are you planning to build a house?

You are looking to build a house with a reasonable package house price but do not know which reputable contractor to choose.

There are many issues that you have to worry about, how to build a satisfactory home. How to plan the construction to ensure the technique, quality and safety of the house. Who will help you manage the supplies and materials during the house building process?

So let GEC help you !. We will be the key to help you open the door to the new, most stable and beautiful house you can trust and choose.





Commit to using genuine materials and contractual agreement. Do not put fake materials, poor quality materials into the construction site. Covered inspection, evaluation, accept a fine of 30 million if the investor discovered the company violated.



Ensure construction in accordance with regulations and construction standards. Checking and acceptance of each item in detail before performing the next work. Maintenance works throughout the construction process. Applying the best materials and equipment technology updated every year for construction and inspection. How to check and verify after done.



Customers signing construction contracts are incurred. After agreeing on the drawing to sign the contract, if any, the company will bear all the incurred costs and execute 100% of the agreed work items and the contract.



Specialize the construction work by developing separate construction teams for each item, built under the strict supervision of a team of technical experts: supervising engineers, architects, materials specialists, labor safety supervision board. Commitment not to bid.



Strict management of construction materials and tools according to standards, regulations, rules of acceptance control is issued strictly under the supervision of the materials department. Commitment not to waste on investment supplies.



Commitment to good prices for homeowners, organized and professional.

Keeping the price of construction trees at the time of contract signing for the temple when the project is completed, committing not to increase the price even if the materials change after starting the project.



Control of daily and weekly progress through the total schedule is made right when the project starts, the progress sheet provides complete supplies and work diary. Commitment to pay schedule according to the agreement.



The construction process is regularly checked and supervised by skilled engineers and architects, trained in accordance with quality management standards and civil construction standards to ensure safety and requirements. engineering in building construction.



Ensure maximum safety: All works are properly covered and strictly comply with labor safety regulations under regular supervision. Absolutely not to cause fires and injuries to labor.



Works built by the company are warranted for 12 months, a 10-year structural warranty and a 2-year leak proof warranty. Warranty implementation as soon as possible.



Agile, professional, friendly. Commitment to cooperate with investors in the spirit of the most goodwill with the criteria of mutual benefits. In case of conflict, the company is committed to handling the work in an open spirit, understanding and mutual respect. All troubles related to the government due to the fault of the construction unit commit not to bother investors and take responsibility. The company is ready to compensate for any physical damage to the building and surrounding houses if it is the fault of the company’s workers.



Commitment to take legal responsibility for the works constructed by the company, all activities are business registration, engineers have been granted and trained. Corresponding to each professional profession requiring a practice certificate, the company is committed to fully meet



Why choose GEC as a package building unit.

Choose GEC to quote the price of building a package because we have detailed design drawings of 3D, architecture, structure, electricity and water …. There are many small companies and construction teams on the market to choose from. and we are one of them but we have the following advantages:

We have many construction teams organized and trained, firmly mastered the skills and read the construction drawing competently.

We manage technicians directly without selling bids or through intermediaries

Clear construction process, strictly managed organization.

Commit to have 01 supervising engineer at the construction site and 01 commander of the project manages all technical issues at the construction site.

Architects and engineers are well-trained and have extensive experience in the field of construction.


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Address: BT 3.7, functional area of ​​Tay Mo urban area, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi City.

Mobie: 0979.781.007; Tel: 02436.68.68.30; Zalo: +84 979-781-007.

Email: gecvietnam @ gmail | Website: |


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