Building a package

Building a package or design of high-rise buildings (such as 3-star hotel design, office building design, …), in addition to the urgent requirements to adjust the apartment design, … the service building a European technology package is also an indispensable color array.




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Building a package

Reinforced reinforced concrete is better than reinforced concrete.

The cost of shaping concreted concrete into load bearing works.

Reinforcement is manufactured at the factory.

Construction of reinforced concrete is more “whole” than by pouring the entire floor beam column.

Do not pollute the environment.

Using super concrete floor GCF with thickness up to 140 mm but still lighter than traditional floor with thickness of 100 mm.

This floor system has large load capacity, soundproof, thermal insulation and anti-vibration.

Our wall systems are not just ordinary bricks. They use concrete wall panels that are 4 times more durable than bricks.


Housing price package


Raw Building 2,000,000 – 3,400,000

Complete 2,000,000 – 2,200,000

Package 3,000,000 – 5,000,000


Building a package


Build fast

Wall system installed with GHC concrete wall panels. Shorten constructiontime up to 50-70% compared to conventional wall construction

In the process of constructing the structure of the girder column, there is no longer need to assemble formwork, scaffolding and reinforcement installation.

Everything has been carefully prepared for you in the factory.

At the construction site. we just install the steel frame and pour concrete on site for columns, beams, floors.

This method of construction is also shortened compared to the traditional about 50-70% of the construction time.


Build a package house


Reasonable price for many segments

The cost of building our new package technology is higher than that of a traditional house.

But overall, the price of your house is lower than the traditional style.

For more information, please see the comparison table at the end of the lesson.

To have a good price when we have the opportunity to promotion, please contact at phone number, zalo: 0979.781.007


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Process of building a package

Step 1: Receive information from customers (listen to the construction needs of the investor).

Step 2: Bachelor of technical examination of construction location.

Step 3: Consulting and preliminary quotation, estimated price based on m2 estimated cost of construction of the total work.

Step 4: Detailed quotation based on needs, construction location and family economic situation.

Step 5: When the two parties have agreed on the construction unit price, they will embark on signing the construction contract.

Step 6: After the two parties have signed a contract, the contractor commences the architectural design and accompanies the construction permit.

Step 7: When the architectural design and license documents have been completed, the contractor will start the construction, ensuring the construction progress as scheduled.

Step 8: The contractor completes the handover and the warranty policy as committed to the contract.


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10 tips to build an economical house

Issues to discuss and can arise into problems before starting the construction process.



Only spend 80% of the money to build a house, 20% of the remaining money to prevent the costs incurred during the construction of the house.



Consult with new houses, experienced acquaintances. Build houses about the price of materials, workers to plan the most realistic costs.



Normally, 8/10 of the area is used to build rooms (kitchen, living room, bedroom), while 2/10 of the area is built for walkways, toilets, etc.



Compare the needs of the family, to decide how much to build appropriately. (How many people in the family, how often do you come to play)



The foundation should invest for the needs later, when building more rooms, up to the floor, no need to do the foundation again. Manicure costs usually account for 3/10 of the total construction cost.



Led molding, decoration should be simple. Because machined workers, decoration is a lot more expensive than conventional construction.A beautiful house is not due to many patterns on the wall or ceiling, but based on the harmony of the whole including. exudes the desire and preferences of the host.



Floor height should be in the range of 3.3 – 4.5m is just enough ventilation and save construction materials.Size of the bedroom, guest, kitchen inside is about 12-15 m2. (Or width 3.3m x 3.6 – 4.5m long; the narrowest room size should be at least 3.3 m for easy inventory) .Windows and doors should be reasonably sized, too large and costly (wood price accounts for up to 3/10 of the whole house)



Bedroom, kitchen should make the most of sunlight and wind. Stairs, corridors, toilets may be less bright, a little less airy without soil conditions.



Use devices to save electricity and protect the environment.Brick for building houses: increasing the use of unburnt bricks (to help protect the environment) such as silicate bricks, light concrete bricks or other popular local materials such as limestone, laterite …


Part of the yard

Stephanthe land occupy 7/10 to absorb rainwater, reduce heat in the dry season, plant ornamental plants or ornamental grassOutside walkways: self-paving bricks or other materials that allow rainwater to penetrate.Floors: can consider paving unburnt bricks (such as grinding granito).



Can order factory granito or for construction workers on site, patterns and colors can be at will. Electric lines, electrical equipment: power lines should be in the genomic tube, not underground in the wall because it is difficult to repair later.

Lighting bulbs and household appliances should use energy-efficient models. Builders should be aware of protecting the living environment for themselves and the society, should not choose cheap materials but harmful to health, limiting the type of burning materials (to produce the type of This will harm the environment), materials from natural wood (because of the encouragement of deforestation). The use of new environmentally friendly materials that should be locally available should also be increased.



Once construction has begun, follow the original plan very strictly, not listening to the advice to try to do one more thing, another, to rage up the costs incurred; not even allowed to lend because he is a debt payer, not a counselor.


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