Unit price of factory construction is one of the top issues that owners pay attention to before investment decision. CONSTRUCTION OF EUROPEAN TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOP – GEC is a professional factory building company with services ranging from design, manufacturing, to construction, finishing of various factory projects. We would like to share the below article describing the factors that affect construction unit prices and general unit prices for some types of factorys as an source of reference for owners.


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What is the construction unit price?

By definition, the unit price of construction is an economic – technical indicator including the costs of Materials, Labor, Machinery to complete an unit of construction and installation.

For constructions with state capital, Vietnamese standard has set the unit price norm for each work item, including the difference between provinces and times of the year due to changes in material unit prices. For example: Unit price of 1m3 bricks; Unit price for processing 1 ton of steel …

However, to make it simple and easy to understand for people who are not specialized in construction, we have used the combined unit price for 1m2 of construction, which includes all the necessary tasks to complete the work, including all costs such as supplies, labor, machinery, management costs …

For example: Unit price of civil construction labor in Hanoi is VND 1 million/m2, unit price of housing construction, finishing included is VND 5 million/m2

Similarly, unit price of factory construction could be understood as unit price including all the components of construction of the factory:

?  Building materials

?  Construction worker

?  Construction machinery

?  Cost of construction measures

?  Other expenses: temporary camp, utilities, management, security, construction camp …

Unit price of rough construction includes:

⏺  Foundation and factory floor.

⏺  Steel frame structure and masonry walls and corrugated iron.

Not included:

?  Mechanical, electrical and plumbing

?  Fire protection



Factors affecting the construction unit price of steel frame factory

?  The dissection of each workload is an important basis for the construction unit price.

?  Factors affecting unit price of factory construction are:


The factory’s function determines the plan, structure and materials of the factory such as foundation solution, steel structure plan, heat-resistant material, covering solution, accompanying auxiliary departments …

Workshop function is the first factor that decides the cost of factory construction.

For example, a factory only used as light cargo warehouses is not quite demanding, but if it is a warehouse for valuable machinery, mechanics or products, the factory floor must be high, so additional crane may be required to serve the lifting and transportation.

If a factory is used for business and production activities, in addition, there must be other auxiliary works such as offices, canteen, staff collective housing, garages, material warehouses and finished product storage, etc.


The location of the factory has a significant effect on the cost and construction unit price.

First: Is the geology of the area good or not? If the building location of your factory is on good, flat geological ground, the cost of the foundation will be minimized; If the construction site is located on the soft, muddy soil and the geology is not solid, there must be additional solutions to strengthen the foundation.

Second: Is the construction site convenient to transport materials for construction? Whether electricity and water lines for living and construction are available or not also affects the construction unit price.




It is obvious that large construction scale has a lower unit price per square meter than smaller factories. With the same structural solution and material solution, the unit price of construction for a 1000 m2 workshop, a 5000 m2 workshop and a 10,000 m2 has big difference.


The cost of modern-style factory construction with new materials certainly has a higher unit price than simple factory constructions with cheaper materials.

In addition, the extra details of the workshop such as ventilated sunroof, corrugated shutters, canopy roof, or windows … also affect the construction cost of the factory.


The price of materials in 2019 fluctuates sharply, so the time of construction also greatly affects the construction unit price.

Moreover, the beginning of the year is an appropriate time for construction because of favorable weather and construction projects have not been implemented in a rush. While at the end of the year, many projects are on schedule while heavy rain and storms affect construction on the site.


The process of factory construction is very fast, only within 3 – 6 months.

Machinery and equipment are delivered to site based on the calculation of the owner immediately after completing the construction to prepare for the production process. Sometimes,for some reason, the construction progress is pushed up very quickly and requires very high efforts from the contractor, both in human resources, machinery and construction methods on the construction site and this makes construction unit prices higher.


In fact, there is no similar unit price between contractors. Each contractor will have different capabilities and advantages, and different assessments and different construction quality, so the price quote is of course not the same.

Gec helps optimize construction costs

The cheapest unit price is not necessarily the best solution. The price always comes with quality, so the cost optimization with a good quality to meet the requirements of the investor is always a complex problem.

To optimize costs, for both the investor and the contractor, we need to pay attention to both the design and construction phases.


Coherent architectural plan, reasonable and accurate structural plan helps investors save both costs and working time. A good design plan also helps investors avoid the costs of repair and subsequent arising.


Attention should be paid to construction methods and procedures. A good construction plan will save a lot of time and cost for both the investor and the construction contractor. This requires a lot of effort and experience as well as the capacity of the contractor.

Construction companies with experience in consulting both design and construction methods is always a best option for the owner.

Unit price of factory building

As mentioned above, there are many factors that affect construction unit prices. It is very difficult to give an accurate price only if general information of the construction is provided.

For details about the construction unit price, you should contact directly to get specific advice from companies specializing in this field.

Within the scope of the article, with the diverse construction experience of many factory projects ranges, we will offer basic unit prices for some types of factories, so that you can somewhat refer and estimate the construction fee for your project.

Factory, warehouse with an area of ​​less than 1,500 m2

No crane: unit price from 1,300,000 VND/m2 – 1,500,000 VND/m2.

Cranes of 5 – 10 tons: Construction unit price: VND 1,800,000/m2 – VND 2,000,000/m2

Preliminary description of the work:

?  Height under 7.5m

?  110 Wall  is built 2m high, corrugated iron shutters

?  0.45mm single layer corrugated iron roof

?  Combined steel rafters

?  15cm thick concrete foundation

The factory uses reinforced concrete columns, pre-engineered steel truss frames and corrugated iron roofs

Construction unit price: 2,000,000 VND/m2 to 2,200,000 VND/m2.

Preliminary description:

? Height under 7.5m,

? Reinforced column,

? Combined Steel rafters, with skylights,

? 0.45m corrugated iron roof

? 220 Wall  is built 4m high, corrugated iron and shutters

The factory has an area of ​​3000 m2 to 10,000 m2

Unit price for factory construction of this type is from VND 1,500,000/m2 to VND 1,800,000/m2.

Preliminary description:

◾️  15cm reinforced concrete factory floor

◾️  Height under 7.5m

◾️  0.45m thick heat-resistant corrugated iron roof

◾️  220Wall  is built 2m high, corrugated iron shutters

◾️  It could be considered  that the factory is basically used as storage for light items with an area of > 3000 m2

The factory has an area of> 10,000 m2

Unit price of this type of factory is from VND 1,200,000/m2 to VND 1,500,000/m2.

Preliminary description:

?  Reinforced concrete factory floor,

?  Height under 7.5m;

?  Combined Steel rafters, columns with skylights

?  0.45m thick heat-resistant corrugated iron roof,

?  220Wall  is built 2m high, corrugated iron shutters

?  It could be considered  that the factory is basically used as storage for light items with an area of > 10,000 m2

Project of factory for investors of Korea, Japan

Factories with foreign investors often require higher quality and aesthetics.

Unit price of this type of factory is from VND 2,000,000/m2 to VND 2,500,000/m2

Preliminary description:

?  Reinforced concrete factory floor, epoxy paint

?  Height under 7.5m;

?  Combined steel rafters, columns

?  50mm thick roof panel, wall panel, aluminum and glass door

?  Plaster ceiling

Note: The above unit price is for reference only, if you want to find out further details, please contact Vsteel to get the most accurate quotation.


Unit Price of Factory Construction

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